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Large Firm Experience with Small Firm Accessibility

Scherer Law Firm offers experienced legal representation often associated with a large law office with the accessibility found only with a smaller firm.  A smaller client base allows your attorney to focus on you and your legal issue without being spread too thin.  Lower overhead of a smaller, more efficient and technology leveraged operation also allows Scherer Law Firm to offer more competitive rates than similarly experienced larger operations and is the perfect solution for a small to mid-sized business that finds itself involved in litigation. lawyer real estate attorney

Experienced Trial Counsel

Scherer Law Fir specializes in civil lawsuits and has expertise in the fields of commercial and employment litigation, real property, landlord and tenant, wrongful death and personal injury lawsuits as well as civil rights, probate and maritime disputes.  With twenty-five years of experience, we can handle your case from its inception through trial.  The firm also handles transactional matters in the areas of music and entertainment and employment as well as general business contracts.

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At Scherer Law Firm, your matter will receive the attention it requires and you will be able to connect with your attorney when you need, not just before an important hearing, mediation or trial.  Contact us or click on the tabs at the top of the page for more information about Scherer Law Firm and how we can serve you.

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